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SYMBION - Fruebjergvej 3

2100 København Ø

Erik Plinius

Founder and Owner

E-mail: ep@envisor.dk


Cooperating with ENVISOR ensures your success on the Danish market. Established in 1981 ENVISOR is a trusted service provider with full knowledge of the requirements for efficient start and trouble-free operation of a successful business entity in Denmark.

ENVISOR serves small and medium sized companies as a professional and dedicated advisor for companies in all industries.

ENVISOR handles all the practical day to day issues, such as contact to Danish Authorities, setting up accounting, doing the payroll and securing the correct TAX and VAT registration.



Advice on business plans.

Establishment of companies or affiliates.

Company registration in Denmark.

Advice for entrepreneurs and new business.

Development of new procedures.

Introduction of new systems.

Strategy development and implementation.


Accounting and business administration services

Invoicing and Billing.

Cash management, bank reconciliations and liquidity management.

Debtor & creditor management.Month-ends, accruals and provisions.

Budgets, analyses and forecasting.

Reporting to management and the board.

VAT accounting, One Stop Shop VAT and settlement of excise duties.

Payroll tax.

Annual accounts and annual reports.

Information forms for SKAT.

CbC reporting.

Dividend calculation and reporting.

Controlled transactions.



Settlement of TAX, ATP and Total Payment.

Reconciliation for e-income etc.

Various ad hoc tasks, reports and statistics.

HSE Management

APV - workplace assessments.

Adaptation of the organization.

And much more.


With roots dating back to the Energy crises of the 1970s and the blooming environmental awareness etc. in addition to accounting, bookkeeping, HR and auditing, ENVISOR has a unique experience with

  • general economic conditions,
  • economic and financial management,
  • physical and mental working environment and
  • external environmental conditions.

We have first-hand knowledge of the challenges that companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups face and the associated financial risks.

ENVISOR offers accountability, integrity and credibility. We have been appointed as a participant in the Service Provider Network by Invest in Denmark in connection with the establishment of foreign companies in Denmark.

We are caring and value-seeking people who, with a broad overview, are good at seeing wholes and new opportunities. With a good mood and commitment, we actively contribute to solving our tasks.

Innovative, artistic and creative companies have our special interest. In addition, over the years we have been birth attendants for several hundred entrepreneurial companies and dozens of non-Dutch companies entering the Danish market.

ENVISOR is owned by Erik Plinius, who has a B.Sc. and MBA from Copenhagen Business School and Supplementary studies in The Economics of Transition and Development at London School of Economics.

Erik Plinius also has many years of experience as Lecturer attached to the Center for Further Education at DTU - Denmark's Technical University, where he e.g. taught at EBA, Diploma management and DJØF's management courses, etc. in the subjects

  • Economic and Financial Management,
  • Budgeting and key figures
  • Environment, Energy and Climate Management
  • Working environment management.

ENVISOR has in-depth knowledge of Danish and EU environmental legislation, working environment legislation and has actively participated in the preparation of standards, laws and regulations in the area.

ENVISOR is domiciled in SYMBION, a creative and knowledge-based office community for innovative companies.

Here, the optimal framework is created for entrepreneurs and startups within selected industries and ecosystems.